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About Us

WzTechno is a Lebanese based company founded in 2014. From the heart of this small country geographicaly, big country in our perspective, Beirut, we start our journey. Although the company is still small compared to other huge wordwide companies, but we claim that our ambition is higher than anyone. This ambition is more than dreaming when related to our team experience. We will start from Lebanon and we will spread the world and maybe beyond. We founded this company as technology is becoming more and more profound and complicated, not in terms of end user, but in terms of creation and available options. We will stand on the shoulders of technology giants, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs… and a lot more to take it further from there, and it will be just matter of time till we hit the sky. We will never re-invent the wheel as all technology wheels are there to use, but sadly not all technology wheels are used by our human race. One of our main missions will be to get more and more people get involved with technology and remove all boundaries and gaps that hinder that to happen. We will start with the basics of interacting for now, websites, mobile apps, email marketing, and socila interaction. We will combine these four subjects to create a new percpective. Our Shop will contain variety of items to sell beyond our four main targets to broaden our horizon. All this is because life is too short for ordinary technology.